Good and healthy soups to drink

SOUPERCUPS is a new concept of soup that offers: Taste, Nourishment and Comfort.

It is an instant soup that gives you all the goodness in one minute.
The energy of legumes and vegetables, for a healthy well-being of the body and spirit.
8 different soups to drink, single-serve and take-away thanks to the convenience

SOUPERCUPS is the best break because;

Offers you taste and well-being in your hand, at any time in the day all year round!

With SOUPERCUPS feed well and with taste has never been so easy and comfortable!


- Instant soups to drink with vegetables, legumes and dehydrated cereals, to which must be added
hot water (no cooking required)
- They do not contain added dyes, preservatives, or monosodium glutamate or coloring
- Have the advantage of being able to be stored at room temperature since the dehydration process keeps the quality of the ingredients stable.
- International recipes to satisfy the most curious palate.