Italian taste everywhere…

VERYITALY is the new way of eating in a practical and healthy way: instant, drinking and single-serve soups that combine care for the selection of ingredients and recipes with innovative packaging.
Just add hot water and you can enjoy excellent creamy soups, wherever you are.
It represents the best Italy, its sun, its landscapes and above all its cuisine, famous throughout the world.
VERYITALY soups are unique: practical, tasty and nutritious.
You can choose from 8 different flavors: all satiate without weighing you down and you can drink any time in the day, all year round.

Adding hot water, in 1 minute and ready a soup to drink light, healthy, take away and to taste anywhere.
With VERYITALY you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of the soup for all year round, at any time in the day: for lunch, dinner or a snack!
Delicious, creamy, available in a variety of 8 flavors.

VERYITALY soups are:

Instant soups to drink with vegetables, legumes and dehydrated cereals, to which hot water must be added (they do not need cooking).
They contain no dyes, preservatives, or added monosodium glutamate.
They have the advantage of being able to be stored at room temperature as the dehydration process keeps the quality of the ingredients stable recipes that revisit traditional Italian soups.