Soup on the go

CUPSCOM offers innovative, tasty and healthy products: vegetable-based soups, legumes and cereals, ready to drink and always carry with you.

No preparation time, just 1 minutes and you can satisfy your appetite with a healthy and light food at any time in the day.

Thanks to the practical “on the go” SouperCup you can drink the soup of your favorite taste directly from the SouperCup without the need for cutlery, even when you're not at the table or while you're on the move.

The pleasure of
healthy feeding

CUPSCOM puts wellness first, for this reason it creates good, healthy and ready-made products for those who, during an intense day of study or work, do not forget to pay proper attention to their body and spirit.
Genuine soups, delicious and with a creamy consistency that makes them ideal to be drunk from the practical single-serve SouperCup to store and reuse. Our soups can be tasted warm in winter, to reinforce the immune system and restore the right warmth to the body and to drink cool in summer, to quench the body's energy by returning the correct intake of vitamins and minerals. They are irreplaceable for a balanced, healthy and light diet. Any time in the day, in any place, with friends, with colleagues or alone CUPSCOM Soups are a healthy, good and practical drink that respects our body and nature.


The Queen of the table

Everywhere in the world, wherever you go, there will always be a Soup to accompany your journey. The name soup derives from the gothic suppa or slice of bread soaked. And from the name reveals its nature: simple food, made of genuine ingredients, linked to the earth and the seasons.
The soup has accompanied the story and will continue to do so. CUPSCOM soups can be recognized by the scent, flavor and color that are characteristic of the vegetables that compose them. We use selected and genuine ingredients to offer a product that embraces the concept of healthy life: the soup does not weigh down your days and satisfies your palate.

The quality

We use quality raw materials from selected and certified
producers. We are transparent about the ingredients we use
in our recipes, balanced in flavors, aromas and nutritional
content: we create good, healthy products with quality raw
materials for you.
Quality is important to us because we care about your health.